Comment Blogging tool for Blogger blogs

As a follow-up to my recent post on comment blogging, after some initial practice at making my Del.icio.us post categorizer helper (which was much harder), here is a Greasemonkey script that automates mycomments tagging (userscripts.org entry) the comments you write to Blogger blogs.

commenting screenshot What happens is that you get an additional "Save at Del.icio.us" link next to your newly created comment, after you have successfully posted it (see the featured screenshot to the right). Clicking that brings you to the Del.icio.us tag page, all fields filled in and ready to just click Save at. The first time you add a comment, you will have to tell the script what your Del.icio.us user name is, and what tag or tags you want to apply to your comments by default. I warmly recommend keeping the "mycomments" as is (since it's becoming a standard), but you might perhaps want to add "public", or something else, too. Remember, these are just the default tags suggested in the tagging form you get to, so just type the tags you are most frequently going to want to have there already when you comment things, so you minimize your typing. You can always drop or add some before finally submitting each comment to Del.icio.us.

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