Github TV ad

This is a transcript of the Github TV ad. If you haven't seen it, think "Apple commercial", Jonathan Ive's dreamy narrative, British accent, the whole jive, and you'll have it about right. Okay, you're set; cue soft music:

Here at Github, we like to fork the best ideas in the valley and spin them a little different. You might not have heard about our philantropic branch (because we don't like to brag), but it's actually the secret behind some of our most groundbreaking new innovations.
Github Biolabs is how Tom Preston-Werner, in late 2007 and before we were even founded, re-imagined Google's "20% time". We started Github as an incubator, here at the San Francisco asylum for mad scientists, and some of our most brilliant employees began their career doing 20% time with us, as a precursor to their first parole leave. None has left us yet.

[Cut to a person lying in the grass under a huge tree wearing a light visor, skimming through and tweaking its genome via Minority Report style gestures. Chromosomes fly by in the air above, zooming in and out, as she unfolds, marks, cuts, re-folds, pans, pulls, merges, rebases, pushes and splices sequences into the tree. She is wicked fast.]

At Github Biolabs, we have four saps on tap, an expansive green-house, and a beautiful arboretum. It is here that our scientists, using recombinant DNA splicing techniques, in this social open source setting, literally Create New Apples.

[Cut back to narrator, taking a bite out of one. Fade to white. Fade to logo:]