Tracking multiple svn branches in git

I've been using git-svn for a while, to track projects still trapped in the subversion age, with git. It's not too messy to set up, though in order to get nice names addresses you need to map all the subversion identities to their corresponding name and email address. I recommend taking the time to suck out the entire repository history -- it's a one-time operation, and you get free offline history browsing and inspection.

If you have the names and email addresses of all svn committers, list them in a newline-separated file, each line reading svn-id = Person's Name <email@address> -- I kind of started tracking a list of jQuery committers, but got bored and/or side-tracked before finding the last ones. Anyway, if you go through the trouble, pass along this file on the command line (git svn clone -A committers.txt ...) when you create your local copy.

The docs for git-svn are not the best, and didn't mention how to import news into your local git repository for more than the branch you have checked out at the moment. The trick, which might be obvious for some but was not for me (thanks, singpolyma!), is to run git svn fetch --all to update your local repository with data for all branches, instead of (well, or besides) git svn rebase that just updates your currently checked-out branch.

And Bob's your uncle.