I changed my game plan for getting my first car when the year drew to a close, and decided to join the last batch getting the free supercharging for life (-time of the car) deal, rather than 4000 kWh/year (~1,000 long distance miles), as it's evolved to for later customers. My initial plan was to postpone getting one until I had my green card – but that will probably keep dragging out a few years.

If you, too, are signing up for a Tesla (model S or X) before March 15, 2017, do it via a referral code (mine, ts.la/johan22, for instance) for a $1,000/€1,000 rebate. I grabbed mine from an acquaintance, and am paying it forward similarly. If it's later than that date, by the time you read this, search around a bit with google or on facebook; you'll probably find one.