Draw your own Github SVGs, step by step

I SVG:ified and played a little further with the logo material from the recently published Github about page, and then tonight I figured it would be fun to visualize the elegant process by which a raw SVG image is built up, piece by piece, by rather basic building blocks. With just a little bit of javascript magic to help you, here is how you piece together your own github schwag from scratch (works like a charm in Chrome, Firefox 4, and presumably any other modern browser that can handle inline SVG images):

If all you see is a button and the description of each step, that just means your browser doesn't natively handle inline SVG, which of course is a bit of a shame. Another reason I was curious to try this is for seeing how inline SVG:s fare in feed readers. (Google Reader seems to fail.)

Nicer source code for the images than in the page (Blogger insisted on filling all the whitespace with html junk) in these gists: github-logo.svg, octocat.svg. gist.github.com currently doesn't serve .svg files as image/svg, so you'll have to save them locally first to see them rendered.

Source code for the step-by-step drawing is in this gist; MIT licensed, if you want to fork away, adopt, adapt or whatnot. Have fun! I did. :-)