I recently left Groupon, and I am as surprised as people who know me about where I am heading next. :-)

Starting Monday, I'll be doing Facebook bootcamp.

Interviewing for various companies was interesting. My litmus test proved pretty useful, and was a great answer to the standard question about what kind of impact I'd like to have, which I otherwise rarely have anything in particular to say about. This time, I could assess cultural fit, apples to apples, as everybody and their grandmother seem to have this issue.

At Google, I got the impression each time I brought it up with an interviewer, that this was Somebody Else's Problem, and likely hard to do anything about without ending up on exactly the right team, or working against the grain of bureaucracy.

At Facebook, everybody I talked to got really interested, lit up when they got that localStorage is a handy cross-window message bus, not just a storage mechanism, and the interviewer working closest to teams poking at that kind of stuff started scribbling profusely in his notebook. A little later, after describing new hire procedures, he mentioned that I probably could end up getting to fix that myself during bootcamp.

Sold! :-)