Categorizer bugfix

A smallish but nevertheless annoying (if you are bit by it, anyway) bug crept in below my bug detection radar into the blog post categorizer greasemonkey user script I posted the other day -- if you wanted to tag posts with a default tag that was not the name of your blog, you were not able to. Reinstall from the same location as above, and the bug is fixed. Sorry about the noise. New registrars will of course get the fixed version of the script without ever noticing the bug.

I also bugfixed or extended the in the comment blogging user script I posted yesterday somewhat; it did not add links to popup comment windows (I had to add some code to go pick up the page title from the post, since it's not present in the popup version). Same reinstallation procedure.

And while on the topic of bugs, if anyone wondered why the first keywords listed among my categories here ususally is lowercased, it's because you are using Mozilla. I filed a bug on that problem with text-transform:capitalize in bugzilla last night. I even prepared a minimized test case, which, to my surprise, showed the exact opposite behaviour. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I hope the Mozilla devs soon will. Glad if I could help out like this, too.
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