Translation tools

My girlfriend paid me a visit the past few days, and, being a translator by trade, tossed me a question or two about words during the hour or two she had set off for work today. Like "What's a Danish »jakkesæt«?" (it's a lounge suit) and "Do you know if there ever was a »Henrik the Seafarer« known by that name here in Sweden?" (there was), for instance.

Trust a geek to find some decent language tools on the web. Not many of them can convert Danish into something more intelligible, though, but the one that could (the rather heavily loaded Translation Experts page) was very useful to us. I quickly hated the user interface they hid it behind, though, so I cooked my own.

I'm somewhat proud of it; it tucks on a fixed top-right positioned search form on top of the search result page, the latter thrown in below, as a full-page <iframe>. To get the resulting page to still act and feel like a common web page, and especially get the scrollbar right, I had to apply the IE conditional code kludge suggested by IEBlog recently, to have it work both in IE (most likely used by said girlfriend) and Mozilla (more likely used by me).

And since I am fond of keyboard navigation and have been playing extensively with access keys lately, I tucked in some neat hotkeys -- Something-x for the text area, Something-f/t for the from and to fields, control+return to submit and shift+return to switch the from and to fields. (Where "Something" is Alt in Mozilla and Internet Explorer, Shift+Esc followed by the key on its own in Opera, and Control in non-Opera Macintosh browsers, from what I gathered by a quick peek through the web.)

To make it a bit more useful to a wider audience, I tossed in some code to make the page bookmarkable with different default language choices too, for good measure. Enjoy!
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