Smooth scrolling between anchors

I found an old article about making in-page links smooth scroll today. Neat idea. It could be developed further, though, I thought, and hacked at it for a while. Then the idea of making a GreaseMonkey script out of it struck me, and a while later it was all done. Smooth scroll when clicking in-page links (userscripts.org copy here for safe-keeping) seems to work well enough too.

I experience some odd behaviour with the Mozilla 1.5 release candidate build from a few hours ago, though; the back button doesn't react when clicked on, after having clicked through an in-page link or a few, though the history object gets updated properly (and a javascript:void history.back() scriptlet still works as it should). It's just the back button proper that doesn't. It doesn't even get clickable when I follow an #in-page link. Fishy.
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