Calendar rant and date format conversion scriptlet

I absolutely detest all numeric non-ISO date formats, M/D/Y probably most of all. So when I encountered the Kingdom of Loathing calendar some benevolent (albeit calendrally challenged) person had published, I did not track down said person to tell him how glad I was at finding what I was looking for and how I felt about the format in which it was published. The meld of feelings would just not make any sense, and after all, the information was both there and fairly easily deciphered. I just strongly feel that deciphering is best left to computers.

Enter today's bookmarklet (feel free to bookmark it). It will ask you which (numeric) date format to convert from, harvest all frames for dates on that format and reformat them to readable ISO YYYY-MM-DD dates. If you go with the default M/D/Y, it will find 3/2/5, being sillyspeak for yesterday, and turn it into 2005-03-02. Short dates in the future (such as 3/3/6) will be assumed to mean the corresponding date from last century. Run it a year from now you will see 2006-03-03, though. Unless your clock is off, by a lot.

Upon googling for date tables to try it out on, I found a hilarious hallmark of stupidity - an excel sheet featuring the column "Employee Start date", "m/d/y or y/m/d e.g. 5/17/2 or 2002/5/17". The web is a silly place. Let's not go there.
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