Autobookmark: another day, another bugfix

Don't install a version 1.0 product! ;-)

Anyway, yesterday's automated "oh, where did I trail off reading this comic last time?" bookmarker user script was naïvely flawed, in considering typical strip 99:s more recent than strip 100:s (you know; the ol'e classic "9 is less than 1!" bug).

Just reinstall if, if you were early to the game, and you'll also be rewarded with another feature I threw in for kicks, to get to forget which comics I try to keep track of. I figured that now that I outsourced keeping track of where, why not do away with which, too; the script knows both, after all.

Thus the "Next comic" link that shows up when the "Last read" pointer is the strip you are presently reading anyway -- it will just pick the next comic in the sequence you taught it how far you have read. And if you tried out some comic you don't want to keep in the list, you'll have to remove it by hand, for now; head to about:config, type "read bookmark" in the Filter field, and you will see a row named "greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://www.lysator.liu.se/~jhs/userscript/Automatic last read bookmark.bookmarks" which you can modify to your heart's content (it also defines the comic order). In case you edit it in a way that breaks the script, you can always reset it to read ({}) meaning the empty set.

It's not unlikely I'll eventually release another version making it less messy adding new comics to it, when I come up with a better user interface. That's really one of the main issues with user scripts; they don't help you overly much making comfy, good and stylish user interfaces.
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