New edition of Javascript: the Definitive Guide

Good news! David Flanagan recently announced the fifth edition of his book Javascript: the Definitive Guide, something I've been eagerly awaiting for a year or two now, being the only book about the language to date that I have found worth buying. Amazon is accepting pre-orders already, and it seems it will be shipping by early August.

The first part of the book deals with the core language, as described by the ecmascript standard. Personally, I am most of all looking forward to the second part, which focuses on client side applications of javascript -- my own primary interest in the language. David's teaser promises chapters in contexts of SVG, the <canvas> tag, XML processing and scripting HTTP and Flash. If they are even close to the very high standards of the previous (fourth) edition from 2001, it will be an excellent read and all-round reference work to have at hand.
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