Generating an M3U playlist live from a scriptlet

While browsing around remix.kwed.org for something nice to play while working today, I realized I was missing a scriptlet to make an M3U play list of all mp3 files linked from any web page (and web plain web server directory listings in particular).

So I wrote one. I had estimated five minutes, but it probably took closer to ten, my usual with(document){open('content-type'); write(page); close()} proving less than useful in a scriptlet context, since the document replacing also tosses away all javascript state, including the generated playlist page to be written.

Enter the very convenient RFC 2397 data: URL protocol -- replacing that bit with a location='content-type,'+escape(page), and we're set. (The Mozilla data: testsuite is a handy resource to get a quick idea of what you can do with this toy and how, if you are new to the concept. It's still not widely supported in browsers, but good browsers do.)

Enjoy! - the Generate M3U playlist scriptlet, in all its glory.
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