Kingdom of Loathing generic scriptlet maker

Today I made another Kingdom of Loathing (KoL for short, now onward) scriptlet, a variation on a theme I did ages ago, this time customized to just make generic KoL scriptlets. Yes -- a meta scriptlet, designed to automate the creation of other nifty scriptlets. It will arm all forms, to, when submitted, present the user with a scriptlet that does that, when invoked. Any form will do, but to work outside of the kingdom it needs some tiny bit of rewriting, since it assumes that it's frame two that holds all the action.

It's based on a hack I seem to have thought out before the Millennium -- archive.org still held a copy of my bookmarklet page from those days. I'm not sure it works very splendidly in modern browsers -- when I tried it, it seemed to have some trouble recursing through all frames, but I suppose archive.org might have caught a buggy version of it before I fixed some minor detail.

Anyway, it was a good recap. I hope some people will find it the best thing since... ...well, I don't know. My first KoL scriptlet hack? :-)
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