CSS Outline bookmarklet

I just learned (and was somewhat surprised it was the first time I heard about it) that there is a CSS 2 outline attribute -- essentially a border attribute that does not allocate any space / screen estate. Very convenient for focus visualization, and the like. (I wonder if the Fujitsu-Siemens Activy Media Center boxes I twiddle with at work employ this for their rather unstylish red focus borders. I have to try that out.)

In finding this property -- actually by asking the Firefox Document Inspector what the borders around a focused <a> tag came from in an old home page of mine came from -- I also stumbled upon a nice bookmarklet for showing page structure using CSS outlines rather than borders, as was the case with the classical bookmarklet for this same purpose.

I also felt I should leave a friendly "thanks for all the fish" kind of note, as Will somehow managed to before me, but even after making myself an account (to supposedly be able to comment), I was not rewarded with any comment form. I figure you might for once save yourself the trouble, in case you feel the same way. (...Or perhaps pay tribute by posting a blog entry of your own. ;-)
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