What perks your curiosity?

User commentary on a post about this blog at Marshall Kirkpatrick's wondered at what drives so much European and eastern traffic to me, and while my own guess might hit close to home in some cases, I'm sure I am mostly wrong. :-) What keeps you interested enough to stop by here once in a while? Drop a comment on the post below or mail me; I'm dead curious.

Unrelatedly, I just realized (well, I suppose I might have known about it before and forgotten all about it) that my blog visitor maps chewed up most common navigation keys in Mozilla, for no good readon. Fixed, now.

I also threw in a hack to tell apart US and non-US visitors; tapping U, when hovering either map with the mouse, now switches between the three modes "browse all visitors", "browse US visitors" and "browse non-US visitors", "all" being the default pick prior to narrowing it down. There is no visual feedback of the mode change except that the visitor count will skip a few visitors once in a while when tapping N/P to see the next visitor (or waiting for the next automatic change, twice a minute).

I'm looking forward to turning all these little features into clickable buttons on the large map; it will feel much more polished, that way, not to mention accessable to Internet Explorer visitors et al.
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