BlogThis! with my updated post tagger helper

After having kindly been slipped a slew of bug reports and feature requests by Oskar, I have now done some fairly substantial upgrades and bug fixes to my Blogger publish helper.

First and foremost, it now supports tagging things when you use the BlogThis! button in the Blogger navbar. (It does not do any fancy things on the publish page, though.) It took ages getting it to work, but it was something of a learning experience too.

If I got everything right this time, those of you who have previously been pestered with popup prompts asking you what tags you want on all your posts should hopefully be relieved of that from now on.

In other related news, it now appends the linked URL, when available, to the Del.icio.us text field that previously only held the post time.

While at it, I also incorporated Jasper's recent upgrade to support compose mode too.

Reinstall the most recent version of it and have a go.
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