Kingdom of Loathing cooking

This is vapour ware, in that there is of course no guarantee anything remotely like it will ever show up in the Kingdom itself (I'm only saying this because some might assume I've got some kind of Actual Influence, on what happens in the KoL development team -- which I don't; I hang around, for these occasional "Shiny! -- but wouldn't this be more neat still?" moments. End of disclaimer! :-).

That said, there were a few other "Oo, shiny!"ies in the thread, so I wouldn't be very surprised to see something like this some time. I personally wonder a bit if it's not a bit too client-side for Jick's tastes. Somehow I've got the feeling he is very reluctant to put any code that could be solved server-side on the browser's side. Good thing these things can't. :)
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