This is just a beautiful tool. I instantly fell in love with it -- switch it on for a page you're visiting, and go about exploring the entire DOM just by hovering any portion to see the element below (and its class and id attributes), and a red border marking its boundaries. Tap W to widen the scope to the next surrounding element, again, again, ...or N to narrow back a step at a time. Tap V to view the source of the element in a nicely colored and indented popup window you can cut and paste relevant portions from. Highlighting follows focused element boundaries -- in short, it's all the DOM Inspector isn't, when it comes to instant and response and usability. Some other nifty features strewn about, for good measure too, but I'll leave some of the excitement for you to find it out, yourselves. This is the kind of company you'd want to work for if planning on going about a geek career.

Where's the Paypal Donate button when for once I really most definitely want to?

Pure developer love to you, Karamatics! And as for the rest of you, what are you waiting for? Go try it out live right now, and install it after realizing you love it too. There there, off you go!
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