Showing inline HTML comments of Paul Graham's

I browsed a few of the older of Paul Graham's Essays tonight, dug up my Paul Graham click-to-inline footnotes user-script, which wasn't installed in this Google Chrome profile (install link here), and peeked at the source of a few of the essays which it still doesn't grok.

In doing so, I happened upon some HTML comments -- the next level of shaved-off cutting-floor material left around for our prying eyes, of you will -- many of which were interesting, much like his foot-notes. So I hacked up a new version of the script, which inlines those too, showing them as little <a>, <b>, <c>, onward -- expanding to something looking like an HTML comment when clicked.

Share and enjoy!

To test drive the new feature, you might want to re-read Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas, A Unified Theory of VC Suckage and The Age of the Essay. (And before anyone mentions it: no, I didn't actually get to making it augment his old-style [non-]markup for footnotes. Maybe next time. ;-)
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