Flickr API exhibit

Some time ago I had a peek under the hood of the Flickr API (for digging up Flickr tags off photos, IIRC). At the time, I thought I was seeing the whole picture of the API and its mechanics, and was horrified at the hoops you had to jump through to do just about anything with it, if you consumed it from client side javascript. Sorting query attributes, md5 hashing, and having to guide a visitor through some page at the Flickr site to authenticate your application to act on some privilege level as the visitor's own Flickr user. It's safe to say that the hoop-jumping took all the pleasure away from working the API for me, and I decided I would not.

Flickr API docs As it turns out, I had failed to notice that 48% of the API could be accessed without jumping through all those hoops. Thanks to a sudden flurry of JSONP activity from Henrik (I got to answer some question on it), I saw that he used APIs I had done hoop jumping to get at.

It's amazing how much work it is to tell which Flickr methods are available unauthenticated. It should just be a click or two, or none at all and visible in an overview at the docs pages. I made the next best thing: a static Flickr API refdocs exhibit. So now you can. And you can browse the method call docstrings in a clickety manner without waiting for pages to load, either; all the documentation is loaded into one single place.

Just descriptions, privilege levels and so on, for now; for argument descriptions and the like, you'll still have to click the method to load the full page, but seeing as there is a neat reflection API in place, I might just make those loadable into the page, too, as another Exhibit and JSONP exercise.

That gets up to date documentation too, though I guess it might take a while to load, from doing 101 HTTP requests to pull in the data set as soon as you load the page. :)

Might be a good test about how Exhibit performs under such conditions too, though.
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