UnicodeChecker × dabbrev-expand collision

If you run UnicodeChecker, and, like me, find that it gobbles up the Meta-/ keyword binding for (aqua) emacs' dabbrev-expand funciton, here is how to fix it: in the  → System Preferences → Keyboard & Mouse → Keyboard Shortcuts view, add (+) a new binding for the menu title HTML Entities → Unicode (cut and paste to get that arrow right) for All Applications to another keyboard shortcut, say, Command Control 4 (yes, I did :-).

While at it, you might want to bind some of the other fancy things there (the location of these commands is the Services → Unicode menu hidden in each program's own menu) to something you'd remember, on the occasion you want to use something like escaping and unescaping HTML entities, UTF-8 URL encoded strings, IDNA (punycode) host addresses and the like on the fly from the clipboard or a text selection. Here are my present bindings:
⌘⌃4   HTML Entities → Unicode
⌘⌃⇧4 Unicode → HTML Entities, preserving ASCII (& < > " etc.)
⌘⌃5 Replace Percent Escapes
⌘⌃⇧5 Add Percent Escapes
⌘⌃6 Convert from IDNA Hostname representation
⌘⌃⇧6 Convert to IDNA Hostname representation
This feature only works in Cocoa programs though, so you're at a loss in Firefox, for instance. You'll also have to restart the program you want to use the binding in to get it to work with the new binding. (For Finder, this means invoking  → Force Quit... and picking Finder.)
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