Mine. And yours, too!

All of the code examples, javascript snippets, user scripts, utilities, blog template add-ons and so on I write and post about here are put in the public domain, unless otherwise mentioned, or bound by related lifted-in code with viral licenses. It is my gift back to the online community, encouraging others to join, pick up ideas or good practices, and hopefully share their own ideas and findings, too. Especially including picking up on ideas I strew about, building Something Real on top of them. After all, the value of an idea is close to zero on its own, but follow it through, build and maintain it well, and its value skyrockets.

A free exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences, practices and tools is what makes the web this great environment to work in, and with, and I want to do my part in fostering that spirit. Occasionally lifting DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) to Don't Repeat Others Either, when possible; my own time spent at writing something really good, evaluating or researching something, would ideally not be useful to myself alone, but to you too.

Licenses make that more bothersome. A Creative Commons license, while nice in spirit and generally about sharing, still brings law to code, and even if that is just about proper attribution, it raises barriers. Where would you have to show what author how, in the context of your derived work? What constitutes a derived work, in terms of code? And so on, in endless cascade. This code is mine, and it is yours, and we may all do what we like with it. Credit me if and however you feel appropriate and I will be glad, or do not, and I will respect that too. I encourage you to keep docs and pointers around, following and spreading healthy practices, sharing and contributing, but will not force you to do either by power of law. I will never write Greasemonkey scripts that are more license text than code, but feel a bit sorry for those who do.

Share and enjoy!
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