Recent peek-arounds

  • Jeff Schiller has reworked a second iteration of his pretty SVG web stats (my prior article about his first go) which now sports live draggable time ranges for instantly showing visitor browser distributions during the period of choice. Statistics visualizers all around: borrow inspiration from the master.

  • Stefan Gössner (whom I have somehow not noticed before) keeps an interesting blog with a scope touching various ecmascript tech about as much as I do here, occasionally posting gems such as Slideous, another HTML slide show inspired by Eric Meyer's S5 and Dave Raggett's Html Slidy. It seems all really good web developers occasionally doubling as speakers design their slideshow tools; here's Aaron Boodman's take. (Maybe I should opt not to give talks? ;-)

  • I published another sneak "unstable" 1.7 release of Mark my links earlier today which addresses the issue of (un)foldable sections in pages, which left favicons hanging somewhere in mid-page in prior versions of the script. I was hoping to attach a hook on the DOMSubtreeModified event, but it appears Firefox does not yet support that, so I took to listening in on click events instead, hoping to catch the user interactions that makes pages change layout.

    It at least works nice enough for GMail and the recent conversations view at coComment, if a bit slow. If anyone has a pointer to the method of quering for browser DOM capabilities, give a shout, and I'll update the script accordingly to silently start doing it right in future Firefoxen. The reason I'm not calling 1.7 a stable release, by the way, is that it seems to have more trouble picking up favicons than 1.6 did. Maybe it's just net fluctuations from my ISP, though, but as I moved around lots of code and tidied it up measurably, I'll put a new stable on hold for a bit. You can always downgrade, if you see similar results.
You may incidentally listen in on what I chat with people about on the web over at coComment. I have still not quite decided on whether (and how) to integrate that here, but for not it can wait until they have native JSONP support and doesn't filter basic HTML. Until then I'll stick to double posting CommentBlogging lead-ins to Del.icio.us too, which recently did get native JSONP support. Besides, I'm still behind on setting up a sidebar pane for related sites such as those mentioned above.
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