Book Burro -- find cheap books

Seen the Book Burro link in my side navigation pane? I was under the misconception that it was just a Mozilla extension, until today. Fortunately, though, it seems to have started as a greasemonkey script. Which means a field day for me. (It's very bothersome to hack Mozilla extensions, being all zipped up gobs of RDF, chrome and who-remembers-what other cruft, besides their javascript core parts.)

Anyway, after fixing a few forward compatibility bugs today (the 0.6 series GreaseMonkey needs some verbose talk to add onclick handlers), I kept improving a version of my own, adding a few Swedish book stores to it, and for kicks, a peek in the local university library inventory for available (and unavailable) copies. Try it out below to get a general feel for the general looks of it, in case you haven't already installed it (all the details on how to install are on the proper GreaseMonkey book burro homepage, in case you need them). It is not quite as instantaneous when running live, but not very far from it, either.

Book Burro screenshot

Did I miss any stores while at it, by the way? I'm not a frequent customer when it comes to buying litterature; I try to make do with my local library whenever I can. Past few years, I think the only book I've bought is Outrageous Japanese, not counting the occasional course subject material.

...this thing probably ought to become a plugin system, much like the search bar. :-)
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